Sunday, 1 July 2012

Egg and bacon banjos: A brief explanation.......

Amy and James came round for supper last night after James had joined Mark and me for a fun day of engine fitting (MUCH more of which later....)

Amy was a little unclear as to how musical instruments figure in the eating of a breakfast sandwich, and if someone that clever is bemused, then others might be too....

So here, here's how it works:

You have just made a lovely bacon and egg sandwich: freshly grilled bacon, with some of the fat melting into the lashings of butter on the slices of new loaf, fried egg, whitey brown round the edge with a sunny, runny yolk in the middle. You have dressed it with a little salt and pepper and condiment of choice, HP sauce, tomato ketchup, whatever.....

You bite hungrily into this Sandwich of Heaven, and chew most satisfyingly.

Then you look down and see that the first bite has deposited egg yolk, crumbs, bacon grease, melted butter and sauce all down the front of your favourite shirt or jumper.

You immediately transfer the sandwich to your left hand and start to vigourously brush away the deposited detritus with rapid up and down strokes of your right hand.

You are now playing the egg and bacon banjo.......


Right, enough of this blogging. I'm off to London in the car with a sofa for the flat, a jigsaw borrowed from Rhoda and some plywood.

Back soon, I hope, with more news of the engine fitting, this time with photos of, amongst other things, That Engine Hoist.....

Oh, and we have discovered The Missing Link.

It was quite a day.


  1. Greetings
    It;s a long time since I heard the phrase 'bacon banjo' My father-in-law who had been a cook in the 2nd WW always used this term, he didn't butter the rather thick sliced bread which had to be white but 'dipped' it into the bacon fat Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

    1. Hee Hee!

      Well, waste not want not, and there was a war on!