Thursday, 30 April 2009

Chacun subit des changements

Et Personne ne sait ce qui ce passe....

The French bit from the song by The Alan Price Set (I've a nasty feeling that dates me rather....)

"Everyone is going through changes, and no-one knows whats going on......."

It's rather a sad song, to the tune of "What A Friend We Have in Jesus"....

So why mention it?

Well, it's all change at our mooring at the moment.

Amy and James (The Lucky Ducks) have arrived, which is a big plus........!

But soon the lovely Neil and Jackie are off to Mauritania with baby son Mark and 3 and a half going on 33 year old daughter Grace. They will be much missed. Their work for a Christian charity in that country is both brave and necessary. They are not seeking to convert Moslems to Christianity, but to build bridges between the two communities. In this day and age, a worthy and sometimes rather dangerous calling. The Mighty Pippin wishes them safe home......

Also, Simon and Alexandra are selling the Dutch barge "Cosmos" and moving to Alex's home country New Zealand.

Further, the gorgeous Rhian and Andy, who got married on the mooring last year, are now on Andy's yacht "Zephyrus" in Santiago, Chile, having sold Rhian's boat "Nooksak" to our new chum Julius.

In the words of the eighteenth century mariners blessing, may we wish you all "A Happy Return".

J & J

Monday, 27 April 2009

Decorating....Soho..... Painting the town red? Probably just an undercoat.....

I have been working on a decorating job for some chums of mine who live near Diss in Norfolk. It's nearly finished and I am KNACKERED! (Still working for steady readies at the vineyard when not wielding the paint brush). Hopefully they will let me post some pictures of the finished article. It really is beginning to look rather nice......

Off to London tomorrow to do some work on our studio flat in Highgate. It's rented out presently, and I must do a couple of little jobs to keep our tenant in the happiness zone.

It's also a good opportunity to visit my old Soho haunt, "The French House" pub in Dean Street, opposite where I lived as a boat-less bachelor for 12 years.

Jackie's staying at Mum's tonight as there is much work to be done in TV editing world (which is her job) so we'll hook up over a drink or two before heading back to "Pippin" tomorrow.

Sunday, 26 April 2009

Golden Evening

Today I worked at the vineyard, dealing with the nice balance of random visitors, people who are lost, those who found the place by accident (one day, management will realise the power of advertising.......) and those very few who actually know where we are....

It was okay. A nice warm day: People generally in a good mood and pleased to sample nice wine.

Jackie was busy all day having tea and cake at the posh tea-shop next to the antiques place in Ely with Helen from nb Brass Monkey. Jackie DID do lots of boaty type shopping too!!...... (gas, Tesco, fuel etc etc)

I got back tonight to one of those golden sideways-light evenings when the river is a mirror and the colours of the land are twenty times brighter as the sun sets.


Saturday, 25 April 2009

Here Come the Ducks!!! Here Come the Ducks!!!

Welcome, Amy and James to the mooring!

It's great that The Duck now has a permanent nest after such a long swim!

Yes, "Lucky Duck" is now moored up in the shadow of the mighty "Pippin". (Actually, slightly astern and to starboard of us so I don't think we'll be taking too much of their daylight.)

What fun to have such nice new neighbours!!

Other news:

Jackie was on the great Cam Clean-up today, removing three bags full of litter picked from between Baits Bight and Bottisham Locks. John was working at the vineyard, so couldn't help out.....

We also got our Alde boiler fixed by Graham Cutmore Engineering. A very knackered pump had to be replaced. We also had it fully serviced. It wasn't cheap, but you can't muck about with gas boilers on boats, and it's now running superbly.

Friday, 24 April 2009

Small Problem: Other news:


Just got James and Amy to help with getting back into our blog.....

Nothing to do with forgotten passwords, drink, inability to sort out our own lives or anything like that.

Anyway, what's new?

We had RCR round to give John a lesson on how to service Beta 50hp engines. It was GREAT! Look, we aren't trying to sell anyone anything, but the whole day was brilliant. John is now confident on the whole engine servicing business, and knows knowledge.....

Thanks to Pete at RCR. Good guy.....

Tomorrow is The Great Cam Clean-up. Jackie is off to Cambridge to help with the hoiking of bikes out of the river, John is off to work ( Wah Boring)

The Kestrels dog Jess met our pet cob, Swan, and drew the match.Lots of hissing, spitting and growling apparently......

Flanders (the pen) and Swan are probably about to produce some cygnets. The pictures of them on the blog are from last year. Tune in soon for the latest clutch...

More news soon now I am a little less confused about how to do this.....

J & J

Saturday, 18 April 2009

First post!

Hello All!

The Lucky Ducks (ie James and Amy) have kindly helped us with our new blog. We have had lots of nice wine to drink so clearly this post will be what it is......

Here are some pictures of our swans. They have been very loved up lately in a cygnet producing stylee.......

All we can say at present is that all is well and The Ducks are bonkers and will have to walk back to Clayhithe soon.............

Love to all,

Big John and "Slim svelte and hardly soon to be Forty at all" Jackie xxxxx