Saturday, 30 June 2012

Early morning Alarums and Excursions

I awoke from a pleasant reverie this morning to what sounded like a series of small explosions worryingly close to Pippin.

As I eased myself from the river of sleep and onto the bank of the morning, these explosions resolved themselves into the sound of a narrowboat engine.

"Lister, 3-cylinder air-cooled, range that, bearing that...... confirm distance to target with one sonar ping only....."

(When I worked as a cinema usher at the NFT, "The Hunt for Red October" was on for two weeks.....)

I was just putting the hydrophones away when my real alarm went off.

At 06:45........

Yes, I must up and at 'em. Got to get a candle under the bacon and egg for Banjos.

Royal Engineer Mark is coming round at 08:30 for a spot of brekker before we embark on a day of engine fitting in our stranded friend's boat. (A task made all the more urgent by the recent news that the poor fellow has just been given until the end of July to quit his mooring which is being re-developed)

I must remember to ask Mark if he can slip a couple of acoustic torpedoes my way.

Could come in handy.........

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