Sunday, 8 July 2012

Sunday Lunch.

I am alone aboard Pippin now.

Jackie has gone with Rhoda to see Rhoda's Nanna in her nursing home. Mark has jumped aboard his bike and cycled off on a weaving course back to barracks. Julius has gone back next door to nb Nooksak to finish off some DIY.

We have had a fine Sunday lunch.

My friend Rik was all about sharing and food and friends. He would have loved this, from the 'French' starter of rillette de lapin and tartare de langoustine to the 'waiting for the roast chicken to be ready' part, (Our boat oven is slow, the chicken was large.... go figure...), to the cheese and pear and Muscat Beaume de Venise for afters.....

The toast was 'Absent Friends'.

You stood amongst us, and yet we missed you.

Who the hell said it was okay to raise a glass to you and say 'absent friends'..............

But it was said.

Go in peace, my brother.

For you were loved.

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