Tuesday, 10 July 2012

The bridge between the light and the dark

"There is no 'fair'. There is no 'right'.

There is no 'unfair'. There is no 'wrong'.

There is life


There is death.

And if, twixt the hither and the yon,

you have found love,

then you do most exceeding well."


  1. Hallo - seems here that your 'How to contact me' is not opening?
    Is it me ? Do you get random emails from strangers who wish to send? Ah! if so, then you would'nt know would you?

    1. Hello Anonymous,

      The 'how to contact me' thing isn't a link that you open in the normal way.

      To make it spam-bot proof, it's a cut and paste photo of the email address.

      You have to have a MK1 eyeball, pen and paper, and then transfer the address into your email by hand, in order to make it work.

      So it isn't you!

      I have had some random emails, mostly from old friends from way back who have found the blog via Google.