Thursday, 19 July 2012

The night before we say goodbye....

We are both safe aboard Pippin tonight.

The flood waters have receded, and, much to everyone's relief, I am not singing 'Louisiana 1927' by Randy Newman so much......

The Hole-Making Shop was okay today.

My lovely neighbours are all more or less well. . . . .(one has a little girl who has a bit of a chest infection: they are keeping the antibiotic meds in 'The Mighty Pippin's' fridge as their boat doesn't have one.....)

Tomorrow, we journey to London.

Tomorrow, we say goodbye to Rik.

Annie has asked me to say a few words.....

Please hold us all in your thoughts.

This is going to be tough.


  1. Tough? Yes.

    You will be lifted up, through this, by people you know and people you do not know. When it feels tough, when you need a hand lifting you up look to the skies for there you will meet the eyes of those, not there, looking at it lifting you.

    Mourn hard, mourn free but remember as you have loved, so you too are loved

    1. Bones, once more, your words cut to the chase.

      And the quick....

      We shall mourn and celebrate and remember and rejoice in the joy of the life and the love that was Rik Zygmunt.

      Thank you.

      John. x

  2. We are holding you and Jackie in our thoughts. Those who die before us live on in us. May your memories of Rick be good ones.

    "Because my ship has sailed from sight, it does not mean my journey ends--it only means the river bends." May his soul travel in light and love and may you find comfort in remembering him.
    Jaq & Les

    1. Thank you both so much.

      John. x

    2. Thank you both so much.

      John. x