Saturday, 23 October 2010

Sparks Are NOT Flying!

The problems posed by the re-configuration of Pippin's battery bank are on the cusp of resolution.

Firstly, Mike P-J had a look.

Mike is an 'ologist of note with slightly more letters after his name than I have in mine.

He's also just finished a Phd in 'Things That Spark', so we were happy to go with his suggestion of keeping the wiring as it was and trading the starter battery for another domestic one.

However, when Jackie put this to Garf, he was very unhappy.

Apparently, the distance between his head and roof level reduced with alarming rapidity.

Clearly a man of trenchant opinion who will brook no contradiction.

So perhaps sparks, of a sort, did indeed fly......

Anyway, Jackie backed away whistling a calming tune and rang up Andy Rankin at Midsummer Energy for a 'Third Opinion'.

Andy is popping over soon to install the starter battery for us, fit a domestic cut-out switch and a battery monitor. (We've previously relied on the 'traffic lights' on the Tristar solar controller).

So that's all sorted then.

Thanks to Mike P-J, Moominpapa for the offer of help and advice and Andy for being a brick as usual.

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  1. Interesting. Sounds like you're having a Proper Job done... hope it's not too expensive. I'm surprised you got such a strong reaction from Garf, but glad you're sorted now.