Saturday, 16 October 2010

On the matter of Gin.....

Andrew is right, (See comments to previous post), gin should really always be served with lime.

When I worked at The French House pub in Soho, Gin Rickey (a drink, not a person....), enjoyed a brief vogue amongst the workers as a post-shift pick-me-up.

The vogue was brief because one picked you up, two steadied you, and three knocked you sideways....

Happy Days.

My memory of the exact composition of the aforesaid is, for some unaccountable reason, rather hazy.

However, it did feature a lot of freshly squeezed lime.....

I do remember my dear friend and oppo Annie Wolohan disappearing off mid-lunchtime shift to Berwick Street Market on an urgent lime-buying mission and returning with a large sackful.

None were left by the end of the night.......

The old wardroom hangover cure is of course Pink Gin.

I tried this once.

I have to say it must be an acquired taste as it really wasn't very nice.

(If one is going to deploy Angostura Bitters in any quantity, then, for my money, better use can be made of it in a Horse's Neck. Now that really is a nice way to either get rid of a thumping headache, or, perhaps, acquire one. But as it doesn't feature Gin and does contain the zest of a whole lemon, it isn't really relevant to this particular discourse.)

My mention of lemon in Amy's Birthday Post was, I suppose, a misguided attempt to modernise or be trendy.

An alcohol version of Dad Dancing, I suppose.

Not a good look.....

So Amy, it's lime in the gin from now on, and remember not to drown it with too much tonic.........

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  1. Good post John

    you have some very interesting and subtly amusing life experiences. Maybe it's the way you tell em he he he ( Frank Carson )
    I'm glad we agree on lime for Gin. I was introduced to it some years ago and have never looked back.
    It did however, rob me of my favourite drink mixing joke. " would you like a slice of lemming with that".
    Anyway keep up the good work.
    By the way does your hole making shop supply 6" ones that I can fit to WB Cinnamon Girls roof to accept the chimney collar for our newly acquired stove?