Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Evening of the Day....

I type this one-handed as Thomas Cat is firmly ensconced on a cushion on my lap.

My left hand supports His Majesty's head, so, lowly serf that I am, I'm loathe to move it.

Tom's fans please don't worry: I think this is an onset of "Feline Autumn-Cold-Related Cuddle Syndrome", nothing more serious......

(Well, he normally throws up when he's proper poorly, which gives a clue........)

I've just had a couple of nice beers after a hard day.

Yesterday, I was sent out from The Workshop to join the Mobile Hole-making Gang as they were very short staffed.

This normally fills me with a nameless dread, as some of the members of the Mobile Gang (exclusively male as it happens) take great delight in belittling us Workshop types and generally making us feel unwelcome and second class.

However, the reason for my being called upon was staff sickness, so, with a heavy heart, I trundled off to the peripatetic venue:( never leave your oppos in the proverbial- it will come back to bite you on the bottom.....).

The dreaded three were all absent!!!!

So I spent a lovely day with the good people of the Mobile Team making lots of holes in quick succession. It was fun, I enjoyed it, and the good folk were grateful for my presence as it did take the pressure off a bit.

So, a good day's work.

(Incidentally, if you are new to Pippin ramblings and are a bit confused, let me attempt to explain:

I work for an organisation that is very strictly governed by rules of client confidentiality. To blog 'En Clair' about what I do could be construed as a breach of that privacy.

I would then lose my job.

End Of.

So I have to refer to it in rather obfuscatory (when was the last time you saw that lovely word?) terms to avoid at least an Interview Without Coffee or at worst my P45......)

Anyway, other news:

Pippin is off to Ely this weekend to have her gearbox seals sorted.

I have also been attempting to re-vivify our battery bank, but the signs aren't good. We may have to replace the lot. Thats 12 x 110amp batteries. Eeek!!

Oh well, it's only money.......

We are looking at doing this plus upping our solar grid before 'Dave' Cameron's VAT increase kicks in.

While I'm on the subject, I used to be a Liberal Democrat.

Now the time-serving little twonks have got into bed with the very people who will give them and us the absolute shaft at the earliest given oppurtunity makes me feel sad, betrayed, and actually rather ill.

Clegg, you've done more damage to the Liberal Cause than ever Jeremy Thorpe did when he shot that rent boy's dog.

And Nick, my boy, you are going to know exactly how that feels: to be a rent boy, a dog, and shot....

First and last political blog-rant over.

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