Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Hole-making for Beginners.....

It is really rather irritating that I cannot post a comment on my own blog!

I can reply to comments, (indeed, not doing so would be most unmannerly) though having to do so in a new post each time does make the whole process a little unwieldy, so apologies for that......

Andrew from wb Cinnamon Girl has asked me if The Hole-making Shop where I work can supply him with a 6" hole for his boat's new chimney.

Sadly not.

(The precision holes we make in the highly reactive material with which we deal are tiny little things.)

However, I did use our trusty 5.9 kva generator and my angle grinder to help Mike P-J make a very substantial hole in the roof of nb Innocenti for just that purpose.

He was very pleased with the result!

Mike and Innocenti are currently moored up outside The Cutter Inn at Ely, so pop down and say hello if you are around, Andrew.

We may be able to arrange a visit to do you a similar hole if you like....

(A spot of assistance with the starter battery wiring (see previous post) would be an ideal reciprocation!)

1 comment:

  1. Hello John

    Thanks for the offer but I'm ok really. I have been cutting rectangular holes in Cinnamon Girl recently as we changed our window No and configuration from that which the builder carried out for us. A decent jigsaw and good quality metal blades do a good enough job.

    I have seen Innocenti but sadly no Mike to say hi to.

    I wandered down to Garfs boatyard to see the mighty Pippin as I thought she was 'off the road' so to speak but she was gone!

    Hope your repairs go well and cheaply too.

    Pippin isnt very old is she? It's sad she needs such work done so young.