Saturday, 23 October 2010

Hole Making for Experts!

I hope I didn't offend Andrew on wb Cinnamon Girl with a previous post title of 'Hole Making for Beginners'.

He is clearly an expert!

Cutting new window apertures?


That would call for nerves of, er, steel....... (as well as some really good cutting kit!)

I only mentioned the angle-grinder/generator offer as it had proved itself well-up to the chimney-hole job on nb Innocenti.

Sorry we missed you in Ely, Andrew. After Garf had reconnected gearbox to propshaft we headed home: the rebuild of the 'box will take a fortnight or so, and we didn't want to hang around that long. (Being in Ely would double my commute to work. Also Thomas Cat would doubtless have had some sort of nervous collapse at the prospect of being shuttered-up aboard for that length of time.)

We'll hopefully catch you another time!

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