Monday, 19 July 2010

Recycled Breadbins.....

The Suzuki now has a new battery tray!

My earlier attempts to replace the rotten-to-non-existence original (I actually pulled the remains of it out of the engine bay with my fingers...) resulted in last week's disasterous trip to Bottisham Scrapyard.

This resulted in a broken windscreen, a buckled-beyond-repair bonnet, (I forgot to latch the bonnet properly. On the way back, the inevitable happened....) and £4.00's worth of old Honda bits which might be persuaded to fit.

All very expensive: Secondhand bonnet, £45. New windscreen, fitted today, £98.80.

So, silly me.

But nothing daunted, I reckoned I should have a go at repairing the battery tray area properly.

I soon abandoned the Honda parts. They could be shaped to fit, but it wouldn't be as tidy as a custom made bit of bend and mend.

This is why I bought the stainless steel breadbin at Emmaus.

"Breadbin?" I hear you say. "A BREADBIN????!!!!!"

Well look, learn and admire.

I say this not out of any want of modesty, but in the hope that I'll convince you that I'm not a complete twit.

An incomplete one, perhaps, but that's for you to decide.

Here it is, an Ikea stainless steel breadbin, made in Taiwan, bought from Emmaus in Saturday's Sale for 50p, and about to be transmogrified.......

It's still a breadbin, but some small modifications are clearly underway........

At this point, Paul and Sabrina wandered up to see what I was tinkering with. Paul is restoring a Ford Capri, so shares my interest in mendology. His help in getting to the stage shown in the next picture was invaluable.

Can you see what it is yet?

Much, much later, it's a breadbin, but not as we know it, Captain......

(Hand model, the elegant Sabrina)

(Hand, the filthy dirty, swarf-cut mitt of the author....)

In situ, battery ready to go in...Ah, we haven't got one yet....
Paul! Got a minute?....

We also made a stainless steel strap to go under the tray to which the hooks and bracket from the Honda could be attached.

TA DAH!!!!

A massive "thank you" is due to Paul for taking an interest, being the perfect helpmeet, and running me to Halfords in the evening to buy a new battery!

Nice one Paul!

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  1. Excellent work!

    Now, I won't be able to join you on Friday - can't get out of work duties, alas. But just to warn you, James has a plan which involves cruising in convoy/towing the Duck, as we want to be in Ely by Friday, in order to make a leisurely cruise on Saturday. Hopefully speak soon!