Monday, 19 July 2010

The Definition of "A Bargain"

According to my cousin Caroline, is:-

"Something you don't need at a price you can't afford to miss....."

So true, oh, so true.....

We had failed to go into Ely on Saturday as planned due to my being in a filthy temper, for no good reason, and the gearbox filler not wanting to undo.

(The two may have been related: remember, our trusty Newage PRM box has taken an absolute hammering what with being slung into reverse from Cruising RPM (Ahead) to Emergency Full Astern to prevent the deaths of idiot rowers on occasions sadly too numerous to mention, and has , as a result, started leaking oil. A lot of oil.......).

Anyway, we eventually topped-up the gear oil. But by then had lost interest in a cruise to Ely to pump out.

Jackie was by now thoroughly bored with me doing my Grizzly Bear With A Hangover impression, so I was packed off to Emmaus to consider my behaviour....

Emmaus had a 50% off sale on!!!!!

Below, some of "The Bargains" bought:-

Possibly Caithness Glass: No problem if not, as it will do jolly nicely for Jackie's favourite Gerbera stems. Cost: 25p

This was sold as a 50p candle holder. It is actually a 1920's/30's Swan Vestas match holder: you put the matches in the middle then strike them down the side of the globe on the glass serrations. Lovely!

Two nice bits of Royal Worcester Evesham pattern oven-to-table ware, bought on behalf of my Mum, who loves this china.

This is a present from us to Mum and Dad for being fab..... Dad has a lot of this pattern of Thomas Webb cut glass.

On a much more utilitarian note, I bought this brand new never-filled diesel can for Pippin for £1.00.....

I also bought this. It's a stainless steel bread-bin. Cost: 50p.

Much, much, much more about this particular purchase in a later post.................

But 'La Piece de Resistance' must be this:

It's a treadle operated wood-turning lathe.

I have, so far, no need for it , or indeed any real interest in turning wood.

But £15.00?

By definition, it's got to be a bargain!

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