Thursday, 22 July 2010

New cars, old cars, and cars so old it's really rather silly

Today, Jackie bought us a new (to us....) car.

It is a Volkswagen Polo, 2004/5 model, mileage, 17,775. It comes through a friend of Jackie's mum's, is totally straight and honest, and is frankly a bit of a bargain.

Well done Jackie!

I cannot help but wonder what the poor old Suzuki will feel about it, though.

I mean, I just did my best to trash the poor thing, then made it up by repairing all the damage done, plus making it a fab new battery tray. It must be VERY confused.....

So now, on to the So-Old-It's-Silly car............

This is my Alvis TA14 dhc.

It's called "Car".

(Well, you are reading the blog of a couple who named their cat 'Thomas'......)

"Car" is old, leaks various fluids, and smells funny.

What to say, then, about me, it's owner?


Well, only this:

"Love is a strange, strange, and wonderful thing".......

Is it not, Jackie, darling?.... xx

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