Wednesday, 28 July 2010

A new benchmark

Well, a new bench, at any rate.

Yes, a man must have his shed, and within his shed, he should have a stout, sturdy, proper-job bench on which to tinker.

My shed has been sadly lacking in the bench department.

Up, that is, until today...

I had a day off from the Hole Making Shop today,(just as well: after a fortnight's annual leave, I was properly snookered after two late shifts), so after dropping off the re-cycling I took in Emmaus.....

I came away with £35's worth of someone's attempt at bench-making. It featured lots of nails and wobbled horribly.

So why buy it then?

Well, it came attached to a rather decent woodworking vice, and the bench itself, while ill-conceived and poorly executed, was made of some decent lengths of wood.

I demolished the bench at Emmaus to get it into the car and spent some of the afternoon and most of the evening rebuilding it to John standard (lots of screws, careful alignment, no wobble.)

All I need now is a bench top, as all the wood that was forming this part was re-used in other guises (i.e. removing the wobble factor.)

A trip to Mackays in Cambridge is due: they were selling large off-cuts of chipboard for £4.00 when I was up there last weekend........

Photos to follow!

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