Thursday, 18 March 2010

Turbine Heaven

I have just got in from work ( I was on a late shift tonight), to be told the rather startling news that it is the thick end of 20 miles there and back. (Jackie has looked it up on Google maps)

I not sure if the news has left me feeling more or less tired than I was.....

Anyway, I cycled homeward, wafted along, I thought, by a gentle breeze. (This was a pleasing corollary to the headwind I contended with this morning).

Not so! It would seem that plugging the Rutland 913 wind turbine on the day before yesterday's post has had the same effect as scratching a back-stay or nailing a sovereign to the mast did in the days of sail, as it's actually blowing a good half-gale! I just didn't notice it as it was right at my back. How lovely!

Our wind turbine is humming away to itself very steadily, which is a pleasant and reassuring sound. Hope the new owner gets some good use out of The Ducks' one.

I'm sure it will: Scotland is rarely short of a good breeze..........

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