Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Hole Making a la mode

I've just got in from a day out with the Cambridge Touring Hole-Makers! I was asked last night at the end of my shift in the Hole-making Shop if I could go in and help the Tourists today. Loss of staff through re-location has left them short-handed. With a couple more off sick, they were truly up a tree. So I went in on my day off.

It was great fun! They are a very nice crowd.

On the way home, the Hole-Making-Session Manager rang me to ask if I'd go out with the Tourists again tomorrow, this time as far as the Cambs/Essex border. Lots and lots of holes need to be made in very quick succession....

After he'd assured me that my colleagues in the Hole-Making Shop weren't going to be left short as a result, I agreed. (I mean, it's flattering in a way, or would be if they weren't so short of bodies..., but a chap can't be in two places at once.)

The absence of a day off means no further progress on the various boat projects, the wood-pile, nor any sneaky trips to Emmaus to buy more toys.

Never mind, think of the money.....

Actually, thinking of it is all I'll be doing for nine weeks, as that's how long it'll take for today's overtime to limp and stagger into my account.

Still, musn't grumble, eh?

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