Friday, 19 March 2010

It's The Weekend!! Wooo-Hoooo!!!

Okay. It's been a bit of a week.

A struggle, in fact.

When I started on my career with The Hole-Makers Guild, I really enjoyed every aspect of the learning process. I have gone from humble Apprentice to Journeyman Holemaker in a comparatively short time and felt a very real sense of achievement in the process.

This of course, was in the art of Pure and Applied Hole-Making.

Nothing really prepared me for the rigours of Very Advanced Hole-Making. The paperwork, particularly, was frying some rather important circuits in my brain. I was getting really down about it, to the point of considering leaving the Hole-making Shop and practising the Pure and Applied Art out on the road with the gallant band of gypsies that are The Cambridge Hole-Making Team. In short, going all peripatetic, like.

But note use of past tense....

Today, one of The Grand Masters of The Guild, who is obviously blessed with the acuity to see when an apprentice is struggling, gently took me to one side, identified the areas of difficulty and went through it all with me, patiently and kindly (we bears of little brain respond to this sort of treatment) and made me see that I understood much more than I thought, while filling in some gaps and grey areas into the bargain.

I am a very lucky apprentice, to have such help and guidance close at hand.

So thanks to her and all the other Grand Masters, Masters, Senior Charge-hands, and fellow apprentices who make The Guild such a supportive place.

I am now going to have a glass of red wine with supper.

It is the weekend, after all........

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