Sunday, 14 March 2010

Mother's Day Weekend.

Saturday was spent working away on the woodpile.

(I do actually have other hobbies and interests, though reading this blog, you could be forgiven for thinking otherwise......)

It was a lovely sunny morning and I was up and about early. A trip to the lock weir furnished us with more wood for the pile. I arranged it to dry in the sun, then roused out all the previously salvaged wood. It was all sorted out: shaped timber that might be useful to one side, rough branches and logs to the other. The latter were then sawn up if small enough, or left for the attentions of our landlord's chainsaw if not.

Having unloaded another car-full of seasoned-oak off-cuts and stacked them in the wood store, I reorganised the rest and tidied everything away nicely.

While this was keeping me quiet and out from under her feet, Jackie changed the oil and filter on the generator, topped it up with diesel and took on more water.

Today we saw our Fuel Cube diesel tank on its way to a new home. We sold it on ebay for a creditable sum, (roughly half what they cost new), and the new owners came to pick it up punctually at 09.30. They seemed very pleased with it, so it was a deal with which both sides were satisfied.

We then went down to London for Mother's day lunch at bro-in-law David's. Very pleasant indeed!

Miserable March was let slide for a glass or two of wine and some dessert.......

I must punish this wretched excess with some severe cycling to work next week.

Lets hope it stays fine.......

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