Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Steam and sail on The River Cam

It will, by now be more than apparent to regular readers of this blog that I am allergic to fibre-glass........

So, here are some photos taken recently of real boats on The Cam:

Above and below, a selection of some of the beautiful steamers that visited The Cambridge Museum of Technology over last weekend.

These beauties were an absolute delight to the eye. Their owners were as splendid a bunch of true enthusiasts as you could wish to meet. It was a priviledge to see them all. May I wish them a Happy Return!

While the joyous visit of these rare and precious craft was a one-off event, we are lucky to be moored close to the local sailing club. Thus, we see the graceful lines of the yachts below quite regularly in the summer. I don't tire of it though!


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