Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Grinding of Angles (Oh,and Teeth.....)

Today we woke up on the visitor moorings at Clayhithe, having been asked to pop down there last night by the Kestrels to join in on a barbecue. Great fun! And nice to meet Tanya from nb Bacchus and Elisabeth from nb Sirius. We all ended up in The Bridge pub, which was very jolly. Both the Jameses have seen and covet the restored ECKO radio. Sadly, even the tempting price I offered it at, (a tenner), couldn't overcome the collective power of 'that look' from both Emma and Amy. Ebay it is then.....

This morning, I entered the debate on Kestrel's blog re: the latest Camboaters campaign (or is that CAM-paign.... I sincerely hope not.....).See Kestrel's blog for details. Whatever happens, it ain't goin' to end well, thats for sure.....

From noon, out came the angle grinder, (I've bought a new one to replace the one that died a noble death in the Lucky Duck's engine room), as I was mostly grinding steel back to bright metal on Pippin's shabby cruiser deck. I've done half the deck and painted it with Fosroc Galvafroid. This stuff is phenominally expensive, but does the job. More importantly, it carries on doing the job for years after cheaper alternatives have flaked off.

The plan is to slowly work around all the areas of corrosion on Pippin,make good, then rub down all the sound paintwork thoroughly before giving the whole thing several good top-coats. (The previous owner, Richard, left aboard about 15 gallons of International Pippin Blue for this very purpose, bless him!....)

I'd just finished painting the first coat of primer on the half of the deck I'd prepped, when I noticed a nasty looking weep from the main feed hose from the engine block to the skin tank. So tomorrow looks like being new hose, jubilee clips and coolant day.

Hence the grinding of teeth!

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