Wednesday, 29 July 2009

The answer to all our woes

The previous wb Pippin post was a bit of a rant, really.

I'm not repenting of it in the least. (I mean, if some boaters feel they must behave rudely, selfishly and just plain nastily, then all I ask is that those doing so dress with a modicum of decorum.....)

However, it isn't only me who's been sounding off of late. The normally temperate and coolly judged bloggings of Mortimer Bones (you may have seen her elegantly written column in Canal Boat magazine) have recently got rather cross in tone, laying down, point by point, ways in which boaters' behaviour towards one another is deteriorating.

Andrew Denny on Granny Buttons also blogged recently about the ignorance and arrogance of those who see fit to litter the river and canal banks with badly hand-painted signage which carry completely unnecessary exhortations to reduce speed.

So, my darling Jackie, it isn't just me......!!

Further to a comment I left on Granny's blog re: a brace of six-pounder cannon being a sure solution to all Inland Waterways behavioural issues, the photo below was taken a couple of days after of a fellow wide-beam going through Bottisham Lock.

They've either seen this blog and implemented my idea, or I am DEFINITELY not alone......!

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