Monday, 10 August 2009

Back on board

Our chums returned home from hols at 11.00am yesterday to find me still beavering away frantically on the decorating work.

Oops! Wasn't expecting them until 10.00pm!!

By 8.00pm last night, two of the three gables had had one top coat and all the remedial carpentry was finished on the third, which has also had two primer and one undercoat. We had also done a bit of extra work, stripping, filling, priming and undercoating a downstairs exterior door and frame and a fourth gable on the single storey outbuilding we refer to as "John and Jackie's retirement home"....

I've got to pop back later in the week (weather permitting) to finish the job. should be one-two days work.

All in all, it's looks The Cat's Miaow.

Speaking of cats, no members of the Barraclough family seemed at all interested in our generous offer to take their kitten, Mungo, home to live with us on Pippin. Jackie is missing him and so am I. Hmmm, methinks a chat with the Lucky Ducks about rescue cats , re-homing etc may be in the offing.

Incidentally, James Duck very kindly pumped out Pippins engine room after a deluge last week, (our automatic pump is u/s presently) having texted us to say he'd loosened our mooring lines as the Cam was rising fast. Top one James, and many thanks again!

On the subject of boat names, I've been meaning to tell James and Amy that when my Dad was in the Navy during The Korean War, his ship, HMS Alacrity, was attached to a flotilla led by HMS Black Swan. This vessel was known affectionately throughout the service as "The Mucky Duck".......

By the same token, should James and Amy's boat now be known as "The Swan of Great Good Fortune"?


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  2. Click
    this link
    to see all the cats that the Blue Cross in Cambridge have available. If you visit, I doubt you will be able to leave without promising a home to a mewling bundle of fur!