Monday, 24 January 2011

New Loos and Happiness......

Well, I suppose it beats "New Bog Blog" as a title, but if Alexander McCall-Smith doesn't sue over it, I'll consider myself very lucky indeed......

Yes, I am proud to announce that the fabled Vacu-Flush 5000 is now not only in situ, but slurping away like a, well, like a slurping thing!

I wish I could claim some responsibility for this happy state of affairs, but all honours are entirely due to Jackie.

The Ship's Engineer has triumphed again.

It went in over the weekend, while I was up at Emmaus helping out. (She'd have had it done in a day too, but was thwarted by an insufficiency of Jubilee Clips. This necessitated a quick jaunt to Mackays in Cambridge on Sunday.)

I think it's great: press the lever for three seconds, and WHOOOOOOOSH! Gone!!!

My sole contribution to the proceedings was taking the knackered old macerator to the tip......

I left it in a corner, quite a long way from everything else, with all the other redundant bits of sanitary ware.

This wonderful new bit of kit will reduce our diesel bill by increasing the interval between pump-outs. It will also reduce wear on the fresh-water pump, give the batteries less of a kicking, and mean we don't have to fill up with water so often.

I feel a "Hurrah!!" coming on....


  1. Did it actually fit the fitting of the old loo John?

    If so what exactly did you have before?

    Sounds good to me!

  2. John
    I have had a vacu flush for 5yrs now without any problems. Having a spare cassette for it is a bonus. Never had any smells as it seems to have a good sealing system even when changing cassettes.
    LES NB Valerie