Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Excerpts and Editing.

First a quick hello to Sue who left a comment re: the new loo (see previous post).

Sue, I have no idea!

I'll ask Jackie to post something about the loo replacement soon. She's down in London doing some telly editing at the moment, so it may be a couple of days....However, I do know she replaced pretty well all the existing loo and plumbing:basically everything from waste tank inlet outwards......

Other than that, I thought you might all enjoy the following excerpt from my new sit-com, "Boathusband"......

Jackie enters left, John looks up from computer screen:

I say, darling, that nice lady Jaqueline Almdale says "I dance to the sound of a different drum!!"

Jackie: Yes dear, but does she realise it's played by Animal from The Muppets?...........

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  1. Jaqueline Almdale26 January 2011 at 01:15

    LOL! Your drum is played by the muppets? Mine is is played by Fraggles.

    (I apologize for using NB in front of Pippin in my previous comment. She's obviously a lovely WB!)