Tuesday, 11 January 2011


In the light of the tragic events which have recently unfolded in Tucson, Sunday's blog about tea and cake seems smug and unpleasant.

That was never my intention.

Tea parties take many shapes and forms in these difficult and dangerous days.

If I were a Democrat in America, I think I'd want to hold a National Tea Party where everyone invites friends and neighbours round the hearth for tea, toast, jam, crumpets, scones, cream, and cucumber sandwiches.

It might teach the other 'Tea Party' much..........


  1. Hi I found your blog after a weird dream I had. It was about a giant man eating caterpillar living in a giant bird cage, and the caterpillar was called "The Mighty Pippin". I had fight to the death with a magical sword. I have no idea what a pippin is( I had never even heard of the word pippin until my crazy dream), or why you decided to name your boat that, but just thought I'd drop in and say, Hi! :D

  2. Hello John,
    Thanks for your thoughtful post and your blog in general which I enjoy and have linked to on my own blog. No one should ever consider you thoughtless for sharing the details of your day.

    As an American who usually votes Democrat for lack of Green Party candidates (meaning I'm a little left of center) I can tell you I have friends and relatives who rabidly tout the new "Tea Party" politics, and attempting to hold a civil discussion with most of them is a moot point.

    It is like trying to reason with an unreasonable child holding hands over ears and shouting "LALALALALALA--you're wrong and I'm right. You are not the boss of me and I don't have to listen to you."

    I blame the rabid lack of civility in politics today for part of what happened. It adds fuel to the fire of an unbalanced mind.

    After all if elected officials who are supposed to know better can hack each other to pieces left and right with nasty verbiage and accusations that leave no room for civil discussion and cooperation, how can we expect someone who is mentally ill to understand most of it is grand standing for votes and not fact.

    Thanks for reaching out with compassion across the pond via your blog.
    May there be joy in your journey,
    Pullman, WA