Wednesday, 19 January 2011

First aid, wellness, illness, and a return to The Hole-making Shop

I have just finished a three day first aid course run by The Red Cross. I was sent on it by work. They need designated trained first-aiders on duty in The Hole Making Shop. It's the law, as we are an industrial process governed by the HSE.

I passed!!

Hurrah Hurrah!

I can now bandage the bleeding, treat the unconscious and put them into the recovery position, and perform CPR on people who have stopped breathing.

All very exciting.......

And what's more, it's another bit of paper in my hand to wave at Tories who want to make me redundant, or take with me if they succeed.

So a good result there, then.

While this was going on, Dad was briefly hospitalised, but is now out and fighting fit.


More hurrahs!!!

However, I see from Maffi's blog that Mortimer Bones isn't very well at all, so definitely no hurrahs there.

Best wishes for a speedy recovery, Bones, and lots of 'here heres' to all similar messages posted as comments on your blog.

Tomorrow, I return to The Hole Making Shop.

I can't quite bring myself to Hurrah that one either, but we'll see how it goes....

Day off Friday, though.

Now that's a hurrah for certain sure!!

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