Tuesday, 7 September 2010


We have been commissioned to paint our friend Becky's 38' narrowboat "Caboodle".

This has involved a truly vast amount of rubbing back to bare metal (should have followed The Duck's lead and used the fabled Perago device) with lots of 24 grit sanding discs on our (one each!) angle grinders.

The Pippins are knackered!

Jackie is working in London editing another food programme, and I am still working 40 odd hours a week at The Hole Making Shop.

"Caboodle" painting is fitted in where and when we can, weather permitting.....

However, good progress has been made: we have prepped the roof and superstructure sides as far as the gunwhales and primed same with a good brush coat of International Grey Yacht Primer.

(Good stuff! Thinned 80-20 primer to thinners first coat, it went on a treat and dried very quickly to an almost gloss finish. It will be rubbed down by hand with 180 grit then re-coated 50/50 before another rub down and a 33/33/33 primer/topcoat/thinners before the first true topcoat goes on, after, needless to say, yet more hand rubbing.

Anyone out there of a religious persuasion, please pray for dry weather during the first week of October when I have annual leave booked to finish(?) the job!!!!

Pictures to follow when Jackie gets back from London and shows me how to upload them (Again.....)

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