Friday, 10 September 2010

The Mole Clinic

Today I had my appointment at The Addenbrookes.

It's all cool.

I'm not going to die.

Well, not yet, anyway.

The Mole is a totally benign, but completely unpronounceable, wigety-wotsit, and has been attacked by the brilliant Dr Burrows (Mole? Burrows? You couldn't make it up, really, could you?) with liquid nitrogen.

Very cool indeed, then......

This is my kind of medicine: no sodding about, straight in there and freeze it off!

I cannot tell you what a relief this is.

To me anyway.

You lot are all going to have to put up with this nonsense for a while longer, it seems!

Other news:

Thanks very much indeed to Andrew from WB Cinnamon Girl for leaving such a lovely comment on the "Interesting Boat" post. We will say 'hello' next time we are in Ely, for sure!

(I'm very glad someone other than my Mum and Dad enjoys my ramblings......)

Actually, now the plastics are all being put away for winter, there is a very real risk of mooring overnight near The Cutter. I'll post a likely arrival day so Andrew can keep an eye out for us and perhaps join us for a drink.

I had a feeling the Interesting Boat was a Continuous Moorer, sorry, Cruiser, but kind of felt forgiving because it was old and quirky.

Like calleth unto like, even across the fastness of the deep..........

Further news:

Our painting of nb Caboodle has been stopped.

I was down at the 48s at Clayhithe to do a bit of rubbing down when a funny little man appeared and told me I couldn't do it as I was polluting the river. He said he was from the Cam Conservancy. He was scruffily dressed and had no visible ID. I asked him for some and he accused me of being "Awkward".

Despite the lack of any verification, I, of course, stopped at once.

I wish for no trouble with The Conservators.

It was only later that I realised that the aforesaid Funny Little Man had boarded Pippin without my knowledge or permission and turned off the generator (I didn't notice at the time because Pippin's battery bank is so big I could probably have carried on sanding until the following Tuesday).

Clearly, Funny Little Man knows very little about boats.

If his actions had damaged our inverter, he would be liable for the full value of any repairs required.

So, a very silly Funny Little Man.

Also, it occurs to me that many Camboaters have used power tools to repair and rejuvenate their boats and the ensuing detritus has gone over the side in the same way.

Perhaps Funny/Silly Little Man is too scared to go up against them, and only orders around polite boaters...

I know not.

And neither do I care.

The world is full of fools, the arrogant, the stupid, the pettifogging and the lame.

The best we can do is neither join them nor sink to their level.


  1. Good news about your Mole, what a relief.

  2. glad you are in the clear, john! did you see the Kestrels last night? they were asking for your number.

    hope to see you soon x