Thursday, 9 September 2010

Interesting looking boat

It's not one for us, but we were both taken by the elegant lines of this boat seen on the 48s in Ely a month or so back.

Needs paint and varnish, (and probably a fair bit more too....) but what a lovely shape!

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  1. Hi John

    It spends a lot of time on the 48's in Ely!

    WB Cinnamon Girl

    p.s ref your post 13 july. No tongue clucking here. We like pippins sense of propriety concerning good food, wine and company and, lets face it, we all have to be a bit bomkers to live on a boat.
    I really enjoyed your battery tray fabrication. That was brilliant! I am a long serving electro/mechanical maintenance engineer so that type of 'get out of trouble' job impresses me no end.
    Say Hi next time you pump out. We are the masssive widebeam opposite the gallery mainly in primer at the moment but will go dark blue (we hope) if weather allows.

    keep up the good work.