Sunday, 19 September 2010

Good Friends.

Yesterday we were going to go into Ely to pump out.

It was a beautiful morning for it, which was nice, as when you've got to go, you've got to go......

However, Bottisham lock, just downsteam from The Parish, was stuck. As a boat was in the lock and there was no clear indication of what was wrong or how long it would take to fix, we decided to turn about for Cambridge.

We haven't taken Pippin above Bait's Bight lock for a year or so, the density (and I use that term advisedly) of rowing crews being the main problem; the attitude to visitors of certain "Camboaters" being another.

The day however, could not have been better.

The sun shone in bright crisp autumn light. We shared the lock with a very nice couple on a cruiser, (actually the boat that had been stuck in Bottisham Lock, but had managed to free themselves after some opening and closing of paddles and re-setting of the system), and enjoyed the view, so much less wild and woolly than the run through the fens to Ely.

The Cam Conservancy have yet to prune back some of the waterside foliage, though. This is going to cause a bad accident one day. No doubt The Funny Silly Little Man won't be on hand to pull the bodies out of the water. He will most probably be elsewhere, pestering law-abiding boaters, when it all goes horribly wrong.

Of rowers, only one or two city crews were out, and they seemed to know more or less what they were doing, which was a nice change.

We also managed to pass that hulking great brute of a Trip Boat 'Georgina' without incident, or, indeed, any exhibited unpleasantness from her fabulously rude helmsman.

So all in all, an incident free trip in to Jesus Green.

Which is all you can ask for really........

When we arrived, we were met by James and Amy from Lucky Duck. They'd hailed us as we passed and came down for coffee and a natter while we did the necessary.

It was then decided that they should join us for a cruise back to The Parish. A quick pasta was cooked, to which James and Amy kindly contributed some ingredients, and we took it in turns to scoff and helm Pippin back home. Amy took advantage of the opportunity to do some serious carb-loading in preparation for a huge rowing event they are doing today (Sunday). They finally got to have some of our crumble too!!

Jackie then gave them a lift back to Cambridge as she wanted to do a bit of shopping, while I prepped some roast lamb for dinner with Jackie and Neil, our friends from nb Olive.

They arrived about 7.00 and a lovely time was had by all.

It's so good to have such friends.

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  1. Is is indeed good to have such friends! We enjoyed the cruise back very much, and the additional bonus of carbs to load up on! Thanks also to Jackie for the lift. Glad you had a nice evening, too. That lamb looked wonderful!
    See you soon I hope!