Monday, 29 June 2009

A restoration success!

I've just cleaned up an old ECKO valve radio of mine that was found in the back of Erica and Jeremy's shed just before it was demolished.

I cleaned the wooden case with vinegar and got rid of all the dirt and dust, then hoovered out all the fluff around the valves etc inside.

A quick trip to the village shop provided a plug and 5amp fuse, and after a quick call to Dad to sort out which wire was which,(red live, black neutral, green earth), I ran an extension lead out of Pippin's side hatch, plugged the set in and, with some trepidation, flipped the inverter on.

After a few seconds, there was a low hum, no sparks or evidence of fire, ( I put it outside on the grass just in case.....), so I tinkered with the tuner and picked up Radio 2 almost immediately.

As it's nice and sunny, I'm going to leave it playing outside for an hour or two.

It's currently playing Steve Wright in th Afternoon, which should test it's musical taste if nothing else......!

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