Monday, 1 June 2009

Our 'new' box, and Hummel's syndrome by proxy.....

Just thought I'd post a picture of the box we saved from the dump at Milton a few days ago.

We just used warm soapy water to sponge of the worst of the dirt, then I brought the paint back to life with a gentle rub with methylated spirits. Jackie completed the job yesterday by giving it a coat of linseed oil. It has cleaned up very nicely indeed, I think.

We looked up Chas. F. Lipscomb on Google, and found a couple of references to someone of that name in the 1901 census as living in Horsham. Also, we found a reference to the son of one Charles Frederick Lipscombe on a site devoted to War memorials. There's a pretty strong likelihood it's the same family. Any Lipscombs out there are welcome to comment!

Jackie is in London at a job interview today, so I have had to amuse myself. I have just got back from another little trip to Emmaus, (well, I just happened to be heading in that general direction after taking the re-cycling to the tip....).

As usual, I didn't get out without parting with some cash.

My mum loves china, and has an extensive collection. I saw a Hummel figure in the cabinet of 'nice' stuff. It was very reasonably priced, so a quick call to mum ("quick " is relative in terms of mum and phones: I consider myself lucky to have got away after only 25 minutes....) to see if she wanted it, and it was duly purchased. Mum's going to pay me for it, so no real risk of "that look" from Jackie....

I did, however, see another wooden chest. In very distressed condition, it was on offer for £15. My courage failed me, and it's still there, as is £40 worth of rather unusual wooden cabinet-style coal scuttle that caught my eye. Both would be ideal candidates for the J&J Restoration treatment, but need to pass the Jackie Test.

Hopefully, I can persuade her to pop up there with me tomorrow.

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