Monday, 22 June 2009

Pippin's Odyssey.

We got back from our trip to March to get our blacking, anodes and stern gland sorted yesterday.

Seems like we've been away ages!

We didn't blog during the trip as we were either having too much fun of an evening, drinking with new-found boater friends, or we were simply too knackered after a day's worth of driving big boats down small rivers to be capable of sentience.

Anyway, an up-date:

This is us in a poetic evening light moored up at Brandon Creek:

The next morning, we chugged the remainder of the way to Denver Sluice, moored up and waited for the following morning's tide.

Nether Denver nor Salter's Lode locks were as bad as we had been led to believe, though I think going for a recce by car the week before was a good idea.

Thanks to the calm efficency of the lock keepers, all went smoothly.

We then spent the next couple of days chugging gently toward March along Well Creek.

It is so named because, well, it's a creek......

The stretch through Upwell and Outwell is especially narrow and tricky......

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