Saturday, 25 April 2009

Here Come the Ducks!!! Here Come the Ducks!!!

Welcome, Amy and James to the mooring!

It's great that The Duck now has a permanent nest after such a long swim!

Yes, "Lucky Duck" is now moored up in the shadow of the mighty "Pippin". (Actually, slightly astern and to starboard of us so I don't think we'll be taking too much of their daylight.)

What fun to have such nice new neighbours!!

Other news:

Jackie was on the great Cam Clean-up today, removing three bags full of litter picked from between Baits Bight and Bottisham Locks. John was working at the vineyard, so couldn't help out.....

We also got our Alde boiler fixed by Graham Cutmore Engineering. A very knackered pump had to be replaced. We also had it fully serviced. It wasn't cheap, but you can't muck about with gas boilers on boats, and it's now running superbly.

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