Thursday, 30 April 2009

Chacun subit des changements

Et Personne ne sait ce qui ce passe....

The French bit from the song by The Alan Price Set (I've a nasty feeling that dates me rather....)

"Everyone is going through changes, and no-one knows whats going on......."

It's rather a sad song, to the tune of "What A Friend We Have in Jesus"....

So why mention it?

Well, it's all change at our mooring at the moment.

Amy and James (The Lucky Ducks) have arrived, which is a big plus........!

But soon the lovely Neil and Jackie are off to Mauritania with baby son Mark and 3 and a half going on 33 year old daughter Grace. They will be much missed. Their work for a Christian charity in that country is both brave and necessary. They are not seeking to convert Moslems to Christianity, but to build bridges between the two communities. In this day and age, a worthy and sometimes rather dangerous calling. The Mighty Pippin wishes them safe home......

Also, Simon and Alexandra are selling the Dutch barge "Cosmos" and moving to Alex's home country New Zealand.

Further, the gorgeous Rhian and Andy, who got married on the mooring last year, are now on Andy's yacht "Zephyrus" in Santiago, Chile, having sold Rhian's boat "Nooksak" to our new chum Julius.

In the words of the eighteenth century mariners blessing, may we wish you all "A Happy Return".

J & J

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  1. thanks for the updates, John... fine memories of a beautiful mooring and great neighbours,- we're currently in Puerto Montt living in a house but working on a boat, a boat that will hopefully one day take us out of this very rainy (but friendly) town. In the mean-time, wishing we could come and enjoy some G&Ts with you all as your summer arrives.

    Hi to all at the field, and safe travels to all in Olive.

    - Rhian and Andy