Monday, 27 April 2009

Decorating....Soho..... Painting the town red? Probably just an undercoat.....

I have been working on a decorating job for some chums of mine who live near Diss in Norfolk. It's nearly finished and I am KNACKERED! (Still working for steady readies at the vineyard when not wielding the paint brush). Hopefully they will let me post some pictures of the finished article. It really is beginning to look rather nice......

Off to London tomorrow to do some work on our studio flat in Highgate. It's rented out presently, and I must do a couple of little jobs to keep our tenant in the happiness zone.

It's also a good opportunity to visit my old Soho haunt, "The French House" pub in Dean Street, opposite where I lived as a boat-less bachelor for 12 years.

Jackie's staying at Mum's tonight as there is much work to be done in TV editing world (which is her job) so we'll hook up over a drink or two before heading back to "Pippin" tomorrow.

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