Sunday, 26 April 2009

Golden Evening

Today I worked at the vineyard, dealing with the nice balance of random visitors, people who are lost, those who found the place by accident (one day, management will realise the power of advertising.......) and those very few who actually know where we are....

It was okay. A nice warm day: People generally in a good mood and pleased to sample nice wine.

Jackie was busy all day having tea and cake at the posh tea-shop next to the antiques place in Ely with Helen from nb Brass Monkey. Jackie DID do lots of boaty type shopping too!!...... (gas, Tesco, fuel etc etc)

I got back tonight to one of those golden sideways-light evenings when the river is a mirror and the colours of the land are twenty times brighter as the sun sets.


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  1. I got a few lovely photos which I'll have to show you since I can't put them up on the old blog, alas.

    See you soon