Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Turning the Tables

A while ago, we had a lovely game of musical chairs aboard Pippin.

Our very comfy but cat-shredded tub chair was replaced by a wooden office-style chair. This was itself then superseded by the Captain's chair upon which I am now sitting.

So, to tables.......

We had a very nice Ercol dining table which had been in the extended family since new (circa 1958).

(As a family, we're not terribly good at throwing things away.......)

We used it extensively during my twelve year Soho sojourn. Many an excellent repaste was eaten off it and much conviviality enjoyed around it.

However, by this Spring, it was beginning to look decidedly battered. The years had taken their toll. Not only was it needing more than just a good polish, a long strip of oak veneer had peeled away right in the middle of the table top.

We have been looking for a replacement for a little while.

Jackie was in John Lewis the other day and saw a table in their 'Pendleton' range. (She mentioned it to me as an example of what she liked, not as a request: the £799 asking price was a bit rich for our blood, even if it is endorsed by an Olympic cyclist.........).

Now, yesterday was the last day of a spot of annual leave. I had been whizzing about Cambridgeshire doing all sorts of stuff (more of which at a later date) when I happened, as you do, to call in at Emmaus on my way home.

There it was: the perfect table!

Mine for a bargain £40!

I shot back to the parish, fetched The Hairdresser's Car, (the little Volks is not a furniture-moving kind of car...), belted back to Emmaus and picked up the table a scant five minutes before they shut.


Anyway, here are some pictures. From them, you will easily deduce why this new table is so pin-point-perfect!

The old one is on the left.......

Here's the new one, in situ, after a thorough dust and polish

I'm going to take the old one to Emmaus on Saturday, as it may do someone a turn.

Mind you, the best bit about the whole thing is the fact that Jackie hasn't noticed yet!

I am allowing myself a series of very "Beano Comic" chortles and tee-hees.......


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  1. Jackie finally noticed the table had seemed to have miraculously repaired itself at 09:25 12/05/13!

    She was very pleasantly surprised and, like me, couldn't believe I'd managed to find an identical one!