Saturday, 25 May 2013

Cambridge is visited.

If you follow the link to Les and Jaq Biggs' "nb Valerie" blog, you will read Jaq's account of their recent visit to Cambridge and wb Pippin and the day they spent larking, lunching and lolling about with us, James and Amy, and quite a few other chums who happened by.

I haven't blogged about it because I had a feeling that Jaq would do something rather special, blog-wise, of her own.

I wasn't wrong.

Follow the link to nb Valerie via the 'blogs I follow' bar and have a read..........

It is difficult to know how to reply to such a paen of praise.

I will say only this: Jaq, if you enjoyed meeting us half as much as we did meeting you both, then you truly did have a lovely day!

Oh, and I don't know which John Witts's blog you've been reading, but it certainly wasn't the random collection of outpoured drivel that constitutes this one!


(You definitely got James, Amy and Jackie to a tee, though!) 

Your kind words about this blog flatter me in the extreme, but, truth to tell, I'm not that good.

I just like to write rubbish about whatever I like, perhaps with an eye to making people smile..........

When your travels aboard nb Valerie bring you and Les up this way again, we shall reconvene........

As Captain Jerry Jackson was wont to say "Till our next merry meeting!"


  1. You are wrong John and Jaq is most definitely right!! Your blog is pure joy and it gives me endless pleasure. I told the 'Ducks' so just the other day. The only thing you do wrong is not blog enough!
    Keep up the good work.
    Kath (nb Herbie)

    1. Blimey......!

      Thanks Kath!

      I think I only blog with the frequency I do because I was taught only to speak when I have something to say......

      Also, when I was serving my apprenticeship at The French House Pub in Soho, (that ultimately gained me the dubious honour of entry into Soho's demi-monde), one could drink all night on a well-turned witticism.

      The reverse of the medal was that to be boring was an instant barring offence!

      (Oh the horror and shame.....!)

      I may have been many things in those days, but I do hope I was never that...

      Or, indeed, ever will be.

      Now of course, after all these lovely, kind words, the pressure's really on me to write something blindingly good......!

      Thanks guys.......


  2. Have hopped across to your blog a few times from 'the Ducks' (they'll always be that!).
    Now looking forward to your next post with interest.