Tuesday, 23 April 2013

World Book Night

Tonight is World Book Night.

Jackie has got involved in the distribution of free books to mark the event.

As of yesterday evening, we had twenty copies of Jasper Fforde's 'The Eyre Affair' to give away. (Our friend Rhoda picked them up from Cottenham library for us yesterday.)

I gave away a couple of copies to the crew of 'Pyewacket', (Cambridge's famous ex-lifeboat known locally as 'the wonky boat' due to her delightfully asymmetrical cabin) as she traversed Bottisham Lock last night.

James and Amy were taking a break from Severner 'Willow's refit to help. As I'd introduced them to Jasper's work some time ago, (they have both since become Ffirm Fforde aFficianados), I added a book about Nelson for James and a copy of 'Lyra's Oxford' by Phillip Pullman for Amy for good measure. Both books were found at Emmaus, so a double benefit.

As 'Pyewacket' shot out of the lock and into the gathering dusk, (her engine is a Petter PH2 and it likes revs. Lots of revs .......), everyone seemed rather pleased.

This morning dawned bright and beautiful. Jackie leapt out of bed and was off book-distributing round the local village at 06:20hrs.

The recipients varied from bemused early-morning dog walkers to a rather sad-looking 'first cigarette of the day' smoker whose face brightened considerably on receipt of his gift book.

Jackie even left a copy in a doorstep milk holder next to the household's morning pint. (What a lovely idea that would be: morning book deliveries from electric 'book floats'......).

She finished off by handing out the remaining copies to fellow commuters at our local train station.

As the blurb on the back of the book says:

"This book is a gift. It has been given as part of World Book Night 2013 on April 23rd to celebrate books and spread the joy and love of reading.

You can keep it or pass it on as a gift to someone else. There are no strings, but please do try it; it's an amazing book and we think you are going to love it."

What a brilliant idea it is!

There are twenty different titles being given away, from authors as diverse as the likes of Ian Fleming, Jeanette Winterson, Andy Macnab,Alexander Macall Smith, and, of course, Jasper Fforde.

So today, if you are approached by a random stranger proffering a work of fiction, do take it!

There's a good chance it isn't the next Conservative, Lib-Dem or Labour Party election manifesto, nor, indeed, an attempt to sell you a time-share or double glazing!


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