Sunday, 10 June 2012

Shhhhhhh! You'll wake the adults!

My Mum and Dad are up to visit for the weekend.

We have had a lovely time: yesterday we took Pippin into Ely. Royal Engineer Mark and my friend Jane from The Hole Making Shop came along for the ride, and jolly good fun it was too!

Today, Mum and Dad were joined by Jackie's Mum and our neighbour Rhoda for lunch.

It was a beautiful morning, so grabbing Fortune by the forelock in that thoroughly British way in relation to the weather, we elected to eat 'alfresco'.

We just had time to finish the main course and tidy away before it began to rain!

Some friends of Jackie's from London had happened by on a hire cruiser too. Totally out of the blue, but delightful to meet them. It was an all-girl 40th birthday weekend, so watching them negotiate the nearby lock after they'd moored up by us for their own splendid repaste (and several glasses of wine) was a hoot.

I've seen (and done!) some "Troutbridging" in my time, but really.......!


As I type, Mum is snoring gently, in unison with Dad, on the sofa. Jackie's Mum is spark-out on our bed.

Jackie and Rhoda have gone looking for the errant Thomas, and I have just finished washing up.



Musn't wake the adults!

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