Thursday, 31 May 2012

Boiler Woe

Well, it had all been going frightfully well down in Highgate.

I should have known it couldn't last.....

All Jackie had left to do was get the central heating system flushed out and all would be ready for carpet fitting, which was due today.

Except Mr Nigel, our plumber, could get nothing more than a complete flat-liner from the boiler itself. It had expired. It's over eleven years old, and has simply past the point of economical repair.

So, a new boiler it is, then. Which of course won't arrive until all loyal plumbers merchants have finished celebrating the Diamond Jubilee.

It also means Tony snr will have to come back and make good the plasterwork around the new one, tidy the wall and box-in the new pipes.

Then we can paint the kitchen.


So lets hear a big Bronx Cheer for super-annuated heating equipment everywhere!

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