Sunday, 20 May 2012

Annual Leave

One of the nice things about working at The Hole Making Shop is the relatively generous annual leave allowance.

It sort of makes up for working like a dog the rest of the time.

It also gives us Holemakers the chance to rest, recuperate, and steady our hands for yet more record-breaking, target-busting hard-working all-star showband behaviour for which any thanks, recognition or simple pat on the back is more than conspicuous by it's complete absence....

But enough of that nonsense.

It's holiday time!!


Now, decorating Jackie's studio flat in London may not be everyone's idea of vacation heaven, but it will have to do.

(The rebuild of the flat has taken much longer and cost a shed load more than we thought. However, it has made a nice little flat in a nice area into a proper-job fully insulated, re-wired, up to date and gorgeous living space.)

Or will do......... when I've finished it.....

Sighs. Dons overalls. Signs off.


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