Monday, 19 March 2012


We've spent the last two weekends in Highgate decorating Jackie's studio flat.

It's going okay, but there's always so much prep to do. It never seems to end!

But then, a good, thoroughly prepped job is the difference between looking okay and having the 'wow' factor we're after.

I got the RSJs from work: there are three of them, they are bloody enormous and very heavy.

I also have nowhere to put them.

In short, they are perfect.

Or would be if my beloved hadn't made me promise on all that I hold sacred NOT TO EVEN BREATHE HARD near nb Caboodle until the flat is finished, Pippin's engine is serviced, the engine room repainted, ditto the gas locker, the shutters have been finished and the woodpile re-stocked, condensed and tidied to our landlord's satisfaction.

Good job Caboodle's owner doesn't take her out more than once a year, really.........

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