Friday, 30 March 2012

Crisis? What crisis?

Our esteemed government's hopeless mishandling of the possibility that the tanker drivers might go on strike has finally succeeded in creating a fuel shortage.

I hope the Old Etonian Coterie that runs this poor benighted country are now slapping each other on the back at the jolly good jape thay have played on the oiky chavs they are forced to govern.

'Tee-hee', eh, readers?

Good grief, what an utterly useless bunch of bastards.......

Anyway, some good has come from Francis Maude's sorry debacle: an old joke, moribund and out to pasture since World War Two, has found at last a new relevance:

"What's the difference between Paraffin and Petrol, Sid?"

"I dunno, 'Arry, what IS the difference between Paraffin and Petrol?"

"Well, Sid, There's two f's in Paraffin, and there ain't no effin' Petrol!"

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