Friday, 11 March 2011

Annual Leave Day One: Assault on the woodpile.

I am presently in a blissful state of tiredness: the kind that comes from having worked hard all day at an enjoyable task from which one can see clear results.

(It helps that Jackie has popped up to the village to get us a big Chinese takeaway and some bottles of San Miguel lager which are rumoured to be 'on offer' in the village shop.)

For today, having gone with Jackie to take Suzuki to the garage, I spent all day sawing wood into woodburner-size lengths, reducing the larger logs still further with my splitting maul, then stacking it all neatly in The Stealth Woodpile.

I reckon it's about 2-3 week's worth with the stove going at full belt, so a useful addition to next year's supply. It can now season nicely over the coming months.

(I thought about treating you all to some photos of this, but then decided that, actually, that was really, really, sad......After all, one pile of cut wood looks very much like another, and I'm sure you've seen a few before.)

That said, I am very happy with today's progress. I really enjoy this sort of hard work. It's a lovely change from the heavy responsibilities and concentrated, clinical precision of The Hole Making Shop where I work.

An added bonus was that Amato, our friendly local ace mechanic, has not only serviced the Suzuki, but cured it of its high-tickover and naughty self-revving behaviour which it acquired when Jackie replaced the head gasket. Apparently, there is a water-valve in the top of the engine that controls the fuel/air mixture in the carb. All the water in the cooling system had to be drained down to allow the work on the cylinder head, so it has been dry since. No harm done, though, Amato simply bled the valve and cooling system and the Suzuki is now purring like Tom Kitten after a pouch of his favourite wet-food treat!

So, all in all, a jolly good day.

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