Tuesday, 8 March 2011

99 songs? 9 million bicycles in Beijing? ..200 posts..!

Yes, folks, this is post number 200.

Blimey. A bi-centenary...

Well, what to tell you all today..

We had a lovely weekend: very restful in an active kind of way. ( I can slob-out completely and do nothing, but tend to get a bit twitchy after a while (ten to fifteen minutes...)

I spent Saturday afternoon at Emmaus where I polished up an old brace-and-bit and half a dozen or so bits and a very nice Stanley No.4 1/2 wood-working plane.

Look, it keeps me out of the pub, okay?...

After supper, Jackie and I watched "In Which We Serve", Noel Coward's fine wartime drama about the fictitious HMS Torrin which is based largely on the story of the real HMS Kelly, commanded by Lord Louis Mountbatten.

It will surprise no-one to learn that I loved it.

Jackie was a real sport for watching it with me.

On Sunday, we went out foraging for more firewood.

I have blogged before about Pippin's woodpile, but a man's got to have a hobby.......

We took the old Vitara down to Baits Bight lock, parked up then spent a merry morning making-off with two car-loads of felled lumber. Our consciences were untroubled, by the way, as numerous large patches of burnt ash and log remains suggested the Cam Conservancy's sub-contractors were just incinerating the stuff on site. Might as well be burnt in Pippin's stove as on the bank.....

James and Amy rocked up in the evening and stayed for supper and dvds. Great fun!

I'm working my socks off til Thursday evening, so felt I should post this now, even if, for a bi-centennial post, it's more than a little mundane.

Finished at 08:45 this evening, in at 07:00 tomorrow, so time to catch some zzzzzz.

'Night all..

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