Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Wedding weekends, the hangover thereof, and the Alvis Breathes again..

Blimey, almost more in the title than in the blog itself!

Suffice to say we went down to Hampshire at the weekend to see my god-daughter Sarah married to her lovely partner, Nick. The reception was a picnic in the New Forest at Minstead. Words cannot do justice to this idyll..


On Sunday, however, I was not feeling in the best of shape. Indeed, it was a good thing we were staying with my Mum and Dad in Bournemouth, as a restorative soak in the bath was needed to re-establish 'Condition Beige'.......

Jackie took the train back to Cambridge on Sunday as she has a new job edit-producing a tv show.

I stayed in Bournemouth and spent Monday tinkering with the Alvis. I got it to run!!!!!I will not bore you all with the details, but the beast stirs in its lair..

Today, I worked hard at the Hole-Making Shop, then rode my bike into Cambridge to meet Amy Duck and deliver a present for a friend of theirs. It was a beautiful evening's ride: the Cam rarely looks better than in the midsummer evening dusk.

The Cambridge News today devoted half a page to the fact that a rower had 'made a rude sign' at Battleship Bob Middleton as they rowed past the other day. This was deemed 'provocation'.

What part of swinging a seventy foot barge sideways across the river to prevent lawful navigation by rowers is not provocation?


The lovely and rather heart warming thing about this silly, childish and rather dull little story is that Cambridge News devoted half a page to it with a colour photograph.

If you aren't already here, doesn't it sort of make you want to live in Cambridge?

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