Monday, 7 June 2010

Normal Service will be resumed.........


It's been an unconscionably long time since we last blogged.

Sorry all. I've just been too busy/knackered/on the receiving end of 'that look' to do anything sensible.

So, anyway, what have we been up too?

Well, they say a picture paints a thousand words:

We have removed the foldy-uppy foldy-downy double in the guest room as I was fed up with the amount of space it wasted. Here, Tom Kitten tests the new athwartships bunk.

Tom's best friend Jonah is also around:

We have also had a brief visit from a member of a neighbouring dairy herd who fell in the river, swam across and ended up marooned and mooing plaintively until she was rescued the following morning by eight burly stockmen and a cattle truck:

The black blur and the ginger blur are two cats, nearly, but not quite, failing to resolve on film as they spool up to Warp Factor 5........

A confused Daisy considers "Pippin".....

Also, our swans have produced their annual brood, but please don't count them.....

Yes, by the following morning we were down to one only solitary cygnet.... Lord help us if Social Services get involved.....

Finally, the mooring's sheep are now much cooler:



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